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May 29, 2008 / Abe Pralle


So I’m working on porting Plasmacore to the Wii. It’ll be used first in RiverMan Media’s WiiWare game MadStone. Anyways, I got stuck for 3 days on a heinous bug.

On the PC folder emulating the DVD drive, all content has to be stored in a folder “content2” or “content3” etc. – the number is arbitrary. Everything was working at first but then as soon as I changed and recompiled the Slag program the Wii devkit would freak out. Basically it would load some files, but other ones would cause it to freeze for around 10 seconds and then come up with a “Fatal Error” of some kind. I eventually moved all the files to a new folder – e.g. “content4” instead of “content3”. Everything would work fine – UNTIL I edited the program and then it would just stop working. It was the strangest thing, and all my debugging and tracing turned up nothing. WELL… apparently a locked file totally screws up the DVD emulator. So the problem was that each time I changed something I would leave Vim open like I normally do – its hidden swap file was the culprit!


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