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September 21, 2008 / Abe Pralle

Removing list items: Part 2

After tossing the ideas from my previous post around with Murphy, we refined the concept a bit.  Items:

  1. The focus is now on discarding dead items with “removeCurrent varname” rather than keeping live ones.
  2. Instead of a separate “removeEach” loop, the removal feature will use the regular forEach.  If the body of the forEach contains a removeCurrent command, the extra framework will be added.
  3. The list structure basically becomes corrupted during the iteration and is fixed at the end.  A return command or an exception being thrown would normally prevent the list from performing that final clean-up.  Code needs to be adjusted to accommodate that.
  4. Regular forEach loops can be called on iterable objects or iterator objects.  The forEach-remove variant could only be called on iterable lists – meaning also that we can use indicies to control the loop progression instead of creating an iterator.

Here’s an example of how it would all work under the hood.  This Slag code:

  forEach (mob in monsters)
    if (mob.dead) removeCurrent mob

would be transformed into this:

  local var list = monsters
  local var limit = list.count
  local Boolean kept = false
  local Int32 save_pos = 0
  local Int32 read_pos = 0
    while (read_pos < limit)
      if (kept) save_pos++
      else kept = true
      local var mob = list[read_pos]
      monsters[save_pos] = mob

      # user code
      if (mob.dead) kept = false


    if (kept) save_pos++

  catch (Exception err)
    if (kept) save_pos++
    throw err

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  1. Jacob Stevens / Sep 23 2008 8:58 am

    Great solution Abe (and Murphy). I’ve certainly run into this problem before… practically in every game I’ve ever worked on, as a matter of fact! It’s somewhat shocking that in all my time in school and at IBM, I’ve never seen such a simple solution. Good stuff!


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